The goal of the week-long courses is to teach students how to pilot model airplanes under the expert guidance of qualified instructors. A highly functional teaching method is used and it revolves essentially around safety, through the use of computerized transmitters supplied to both the student and his instructor (MC 20 - FM 414 Graupner), and is based on specially-designed model airplanes that will be prepared specifically for slow flight and great piloting autonomy, thus ensuring fast and safe learning with dual controls. Each instructor will be responsible for a limited number of students. Courses will begin on Sunday afternoon (the day of arrival) at 5 p.m. They will continue from Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 13 p.m.

Free afternoon for turistic trips

The School and its
The school's operating headquarters are in Perugia at the VEGAHOTEL (***),  in the heart of verdant Umbria. You can stay at the hotel at the rates listed on the attached form. 
Courses for everyone:  
The courses are open to all radio-controlled model airplane enthusiasts, from beginners to those who have bought their planes but are having a hard time "spreading their wings" because they have not managed to gain the kind of experience that isn't always easy to get. 

What you will pilot:  
Depending on your level, on the specially designed flight surface used exclusively by the school, you can pilot the "Airone" motorized gliders we manufacture, high-wing models like "Telemaster" and "Ready" (made by Scorpio and A.R.C.), and electric gliders. In addition, you can experience the thrill of sloping and aero-towing. At night, those of you who are more diligent students can attend theory courses to help answer all your questions. 

Upon request: 
We can fine-tune your own untested model airplanes and make them fly, giving you the joy of seeing the fruits of your labor take off!

- VEGAHOTEL (***) center of the school.

Course Dates:  


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