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VEGAHOTEL (***) 7 DAYS, half board, in room: a) b) c) , except for beverages  

  Room Hotel Course Total cost
a) DOUBLE Euro 336,00 Euro 337,00 Euro 673,00
b) TRIPLE Euro 310,00 Euro 337,00 Euro 647,00
c) QUADRUPLE Euro 297,00 Euro 337,00 Euro 634,00

Supplement single room   + 18,00 Euro/DAY

VEGAHOTEL (***) 3 DAYS, half board, in room: a) b) c) , except for beverages

  Room Hotel Course Total cost
a) DOUBLE Euro 155,00 Euro 207,00 Euro 362,00
b) TRIPLE Euro 142,00 Euro 207,00 Euro 349,00
c) QUADRUPLE Euro 137,00 Euro 207,00 Euro 344,00

Supplement single room + 18,00 Euro/DAY


ENROLMENT FEE:  Includes insurance through and civil liability coverage for students Euro 25,70.
PAYMENT:  A 30% down-payment on the enrollment fee and the entire room/board fee will be due upon reservation. The total price can be settled of the moment of arrival. For enrollments during the 20-day period prior to the starting date, the full amount will be due upon enrollment. Minors must also enclose a letter of authorization, dated and signed by parents or guardians, together with this form.
CANCELLATIONS:  The following sum will be withheld for any enrollments that are canceled: 
-enrollment fee
-10% of the down-payment for cancellations received up to 30 days prior to start the starting date
-30% for cancellations received up to a week prior to starting date
-the whole amount within the preceding week the beginning of the courses


   Student                  Companion

If paying by credit card or bank transfer, please fax your order to +39 075 5053725.
PLEASE NOTE! If you send your enrollment by fax, please do not mail the original.

date___________     signature of enrollee (please write legibly)___________________________    


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Enrollment is limited, so be sure to sign up as soon as possible!

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